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Vinyl Decals

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Looking for a way to personalize your automobile or simply make it stand out from all the other vehicles just like, but paying for a custom paint job blows the budget. Take a look at what vinyl decals have to offer. With the push towards individuality vinyl decals are gaining in popularity.

Vinyl stickers offer versatility and flexibility, they can be applied today and removed tomorrow if need be without damaging the finish on a car. The purpose of the decal can simply be to show individual creativity or can be used as a form of advertisement for a small business or campaign.

Much like bumper stickers, only easier on the paint job on a car, a custom made vinyl decal can get your message out to the masses. Consider the fact that right now there are over 30 million cars on the road in the United States. At any given moment when you are on the road in your car you are surrounded by 40, 50, 60 maybe a hundred cars. The drivers and passengers in those cars are a captive audience for what you are advertising.

Using a personal car for business and adding a custom made vinyl sticker helps increase your sales, while decreasing the cost of advertising. What makes the decal better then a sign, simple it is mobile. While a great custom made sign makes all the difference for a business, a sign is stationary. The decal is on a car, and it can be removed easily if you are on a personal trip and can be added easily when the car is being used for business.

Today all the latest technology has made using vinyl decals easier then say ten years ago. Before in order to have a vinyl decal on a car, a person would have to take the car to a professional installer and have the decal applied with the use of harsh chemicals and solvents. Now the adhesive that is placed on the decals makes them adhere to a surface with out chemicals and solvents.

The removal of stickers also no longer requires the use extreme heat. This often led to damage of the paint job so that not only were you paying for the removal but you would also end up having to pay for a new paint job.

ow to help make it easier for the everyday person to personalize their vehicle with vinyl stickers, many companies that specialize in the sale and manufacturing of vinyl decals also sell tools to help you with installation. Imagine going from the everyday Mustang to The Mustang with flames that roll up the sides. 


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